DANIEL’S 490 YEAR PROPHECY” provides an abbreviated narrow-focus 68-page version of the 305 page “NEW INSIGHTS, Christ’s Life and Daniel’s 70 Weeks.” Discussions include: 

  • The relationship of Herod’s death to Christ’s birth as presented in Scripture and in the historical record 
  • The traditionally accepted reign of Herod
  • The end of the priestly-kingly Hasmonean Dynasty in its 126th year as related by Josephus
  • Identifying the historical events and calendar dates marking the start point for each of two lengths for Herod’s reign as recorded by the historian Josephus 
  • Identifying the lunar eclipse that Josephus said occurred on a fast day at the end of Herod’s life, then synchronizing that eclipse with a fast for rain in the month of Kislev
  • Identification of all potential Nisan 14 dates—the day of Christ’s death, using different calculation methods 
  • Identification of all possible start dates, length in years, and end dates for Daniel’s 490-year prophecy
  • Synchronization of Sabbatical and Jubilee years identified by the author with known Sabbatical years in history
  • Determining Christ’s birth and death years
  • The alignment of Sabbatical and Jubilee years to Daniel’s 490 years with the identification of two Sabbatical years and a Jubilee year from the sign given to Hezekiah, synchronizing each—one to the other
  • The alignment of Jubilees to Daniel’s 490 years—10 Jubilees
  • The start date to the very day of Daniel’s 490-year prophecy 
  • Daniel 9:25-26, 7 weeks + 62 weeks = 69 weeks 
  • How to interrupt Daniel 9:2, 9:24-27
  • Daniel 9:27 —one fixed week of seven days

With this material we may see that Christ’s death was predicted to a specific calendar day, and that this date is demonstrable. From the forgoing information we are further able to understand what Daniel’s 490 years prophesied, and what it did not prophesy.