Paperback, 305 pages, 2nd Ed. January 2015. Topics covered


Chapter 1: Traditionally Accepted Reign of Herod

· Problems with the traditional chronology of Herod

· Herod’s acute illness 

· Herod’s death later than 4 B.C. according to Armenian history

· The war of Varus

· The age of Herod

· Where to start Herod’s reign if not in 40 B.C.

Chapter 2: Tapestry of Herod’s Reign Unwoven 

· Two recorded dates for the death of Herod

·  Herod death in the 37th year of his reign 

· The lunar eclipse and fast of Herod as recorded by Josephus 

· The time of night the eclipse occurred 

· The fast for rain in the month of Kislev 

· Antigonus’ death: How long after the fall of Jerusalem

· End of the Hasmonean dynasty in its 126th year as related by Josephus 

· Herod’s 1B.C. death and its problems 

· The reign and death years of Herod’s sons 

· Shebat 2 death date of Herod

Chapter 3: Rules in Calendar Setting Used by Sadducees 

· The Eclipse at the end of Herod’s life

· 19-year cycle change in 70/71 AD

· 19-year cycle identifies the moon of Nisan 

Chapter 4: Determining Christ’s Birth and Death Years 

· Wednesday theory/Thursday theory/Friday theory

Chapter 5: Determining the Length of Christ’s Ministry

· Luke 6:1 Another Passover

· Feasts during Christ’s ministry

Chapter 6: Fifteenth Year of Tiberius and John Comes Preaching 

·  John 3:1-3 

Chapter 7: Forty-Six Years Stood the Temple,

· John 2:13-21.

Chapter 8: Circumstances Surrounding the Day Christ Was Born 

· The census of Luke 2:1-7 

· When was Christ born?

· Shepherds in the field, Luke 2:8-20

Chapter 9: Herod’s Decree and the Wisemen (Magi) 

· Christ’s birth to Passover following Herod’s death

Chapter 10: Forty-Nine Year Jubilee Cycle Alignment to Daniel’s 490 Years 

· Nehemiah reading God’s Law in a Sabbatical year 

· I and II books of Maccabees record a Sabbatical year

· Hezekiah’s three-year sign records a 49th year Sabbatical and a Jubilee year 

Chapter 11: Daniel’s 70 weeks—Daniel Chapter 9

· Determining the 7th and 20th regnal years of Artaxerexes

· Determining the possible fulfillment of the 70th week 

· Daniel 9:25-26, 7 weeks + 62 weeks = 69 weeks 

· Daniel 9:27 one fixed week of seven days