Book Review


Posted on August 31,2009 by nathanalbright 

New Insights: Christ’s Life and Daniel’s 70 Week Prophecy, by Ralph Lyman

In his first book, Ralph Lyman opens up a fascinating historical debate about the life of Jesus based on a reading that presupposes the validity of both the biblical account as well as the histories of Josephus and other historical accounts (like the Armenian histories).  Using charts throughout in order to illuminate the possibilities for Herod's reign as well as key events (especially the birth and crucifixion) of Jesus Christ, this book deductively eliminates many popular options, coming to the surprising conclusion . . . This book is remarkable in its approach, being a rare book that takes the Bible and Josephus seriously, as well as examining such issues as how long it really took to refurbish the temple under Herod.  By taking his sources seriously, and at their word, this book manages to make a new argument based on old evidence, leading the reader carefully through issue by issue until all other possibilities are ruled out.  It is a worthy debut by an amateur historian who deserves to be taken very seriously.  The author has done his homework, and those who disagree will have to do their homework as well.  The book itself contains more information about how to calculate calendars than many would care to read, but for those who wish to find out a lot about such matters, and enter into the historical controversies involving fulfilled biblical prophecy, this book is a welcome and excellent study. I was especially intrigued by his comment on Luke's calculation of reignal years based on the method common in Antioch.  So, all in all, the book was very excellent.  I hope it comes to the attention of a wider audience.

4 1/2 stars out of 5.
Nathan Albright.